Thursday, July 21, 2011

ten months

Our favorite things at 10 months:
1. Crossed ankles {everywhere, including in the high chair and stroller}
2. Curling hair {at the nape of your neck and over your ears}
3. Your noises {gully-gully, liel-liel-liel} and your tongue-in-and-out all the time and your singing {you sing whenever you hear music and always in the stroller}
4. Crawling {you just started last week and now you’re getting smoother and more confident every minute}
5. Tootsie roll legs {daddy says that they look like the rolls you get when you shmoosh a tootsie roll together}
6. Fast and slow speeds at walking {depending on whether someone is chasing you}
7. Reaching for us when you’re scared or tired or upset
8. Funny dancer – leaning back and forth to the music
9. Insatiable appetite {you make us proud}
10. Belly laugh and quick grin {you smile at everyone, and love to give us sugar, but you love your own picture and mirrors and other little people the best}

we heart you.
I took some pictures of you with 10 blueberries, because it's what you love at the moment.
You ate them before I could take the picture.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

auntie kylee


we have the incredible pleasure of my sister's company for the rest of the summer, and we're so excited!! rae gets two days a week just hangin with auntie ky, and they are having the time of their lives. rae was introduced to cody, auntie kylee's ages-old life-sized (or very nearly) stuffed horse, they go on walks, they play with rae's fun toys, read, and watch the wonder pets. could life get any better? when rae goes to sleep, i get auntie ky as kylee, my beautiful, fun sister. we're having a blast looking at weddings, because we're obsessed and crazy. we watched the bbc's sherlock and of course, our girl movies. we've introduced each other to new things: pinterest, blogs, flag cakes, and belgian pancakes {via elliot}. sprinkle the above picture with epic reads and you can see the enjoyment we're getting out of having kylee here in new jersey with us. it's a privilege and an honor to have her watching our baby and living under our roof. don't hold it against me that i also got her a job working for the crazy lady of '09. ky's tough. cheek kiss, cheek kiss. :)
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