Wednesday, May 12, 2010


She’s on her way. It’s official, the newest baby Douglass is a girl. To most, that is old news, but to her daddy and I, we’re slowly digesting this. We had such a great weekend, and every bit of the planning and figuring out how to make the babycake happen was worth it. I have to thank my mom and mother-in-law and sister-in-law for making quite an effort to make the event so much fun! Everyone contributed an item reflecting what gender they guessed. We got some adorable things, and even the boy items will just wait (alongside a few other things) in the Armoire Drawer. The “girl guessers” were right, though.

The instant we cut the cake (complete with wedding-cake-united-hand-pose) the entire collective audience “leaned in” because at first the icing looked white! (can we say "pregnant pause"?) The pale pink was enough though and somebody said “GIRL!”

Such a great moment. Me and the daddy had to hold each other for just a minute because it was precious and so real now.

There’s a “she” in my belly and it’s been really fun to be able to talk about her. Out of the six of us due in September, five of us are having girls (and one is having boy/girl twins). It was the best thing to all be pregnant at the same time, but now to be having girls all together, well, that’s just phenomenal. It makes me really happy. (the only downside is that none of our kids can marry each other, though *wink*)

Many happy pink thoughts! I reiterate:


  1. Abs,

    Congrats to you and my good friend Phil on the wonderful news your having a girl. She will bring you more joy than you can imagine. You can secretly tell me the name and be sure I'll keep it a secret. How do you think I've maintained my security clearance for so long? I'm sure you two have picked out a dandy. I'm sure it won't be Brandy or Mandy. I hope all is well in wonderful New Jersey.

    Cheers from Iraq...again...


  2. HI BRyan!! we can't believe you're back there again, already. rough. we're hoping to send some sustenance soon, but we're still in the crap-o apartment until we get the house (still!) anyway, thanks for the congrats! we're excited for our own little girl. ;) we trust you and all, mr. security clearance, but we're waiting to surprise everyone! :) lots of love, be safe!
    p & a