Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I used to be afraid to go to Target


I used to be afraid to go to Target.
My most favorite place to shop, and I was afraid to go there alone. Because what if you {Rae} started crying, and I couldn’t get you to stop, and everyone would look at me like I was a terrible mother: so selfish because I couldn’t get you what you wanted and why was I bringing you out anyway, you’re such a tiny baby…
But now, we go together and we enjoy it.
You’re so grown up, and now I have confidence in my mommying abilities that I could comfort you enough to get through the checkout line. And eventually, when it happens that we have to just leave the store without anything, I’ll do it. Just know that the next Target I’ll be looking for will be on your heiney. Just kidding, xoxo. Momomomomom

ps. Congrats to your new baby cousin—he was born this morning—his mommy and daddy and siblings are so proud!

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