Friday, February 4, 2011

why craigslist is awesome

So, I admit I was a skeptic at first. My interest in started when I realized that I had a baby on deck, and had expensive taste in baby paraphernalia. So, I started “trolling” craigslist, looking for those lofty brands that I couldn’t quite afford new. The beauty of buying a Bugaboo stroller used is that someone else might have used it for a bit already, but they [or someone at their shower] bought them ALL the accessories that go with it. I scored a Bugaboo stroller [in green, for both genders] complete with bassinet, toddler seat, rain cover, wind cover, sun shade, cup holder, lower basket, and the frame and maintenance kit. All those extras are, of course, sold separately when you buy the thing new. It took a few months of “watching” to find the right one, but in the end I got a steal at a third of the price for new. We also got our lawnmower for $50, along with all the accessories. I got a 4 foot standing deep freezer for $25, for all that breastmilk coming, you know . I got my $300 video monitor system via a shady deal {$200} in some farmer’s market in Berlin, New Jersey. I contacted some lovely girl in Douglassville, Pennsylvania, sent her money via PayPal, and she mailed me her AngelCare monitor for $40. The latest one was the highchair I’ve had my eye on for months now. To buy new, the Boon Flair Pneumatic highchair is $175+. I found one for $75, and just went and picked it up. I’d say it fits. And that, folks, is why craigslist is awesome. Next target: a baby grand piano.

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