Sunday, February 26, 2012

christmas past

I did a terrible job doing anything with Christmas pictures and posts, so here is a quick attempt to make up for it. We had a terrific photo shoot with a home-for-the-holidays best friend, and her camera magic was as-always a sure hit. We sent off a lighted {biodegradable} lantern, and it was a hit with our 15 month old. and me. {just being honest!}

We also took some pretty, informal pictures of Rae, but just trying to get her to stay where I put her is a tremendous challenge. In short, these are the best of the bunch.

Thanks JSS!! You're the best. 
Merry post-Christmas and happy new year!


  1. Fantastic photos!! JSS, your photos are awesome. And what a fun idea with the lantern!!

    1. I just now saw this comment, Tish. Thank you!! :)