Friday, February 24, 2012

fav at 17. months, that is.

Rae is officially 17 months old. How did that happen? It’s amazing because life seems to be just that much more wonderful and complex since adding her to the mix. I loved life before, and now I love my life even more. It has taken on new meaning and delights. Just think: your life changes when you have a baby, but no one mentions that it doesn’t have to be a bad change. You instantly think selfishly: “I’ll not have time for myself anymore” or “we will have to stop doing fun things” but really that’s not what you find yourself thinking once it’s happened. You drive home from a long day at work excited to see a tiny person say “MOOOm, momomom!” {or daaaaDEEEE!} It is the feeling of being an immediate comfort and a delight to something else, and the best part is, it’s yours. Rae has been the best, and most fun we could ever have hoped for; we are grateful we have her each minute. Praise God.
Here’s a list of our 17 favorites, current trends, quirks….
1.       Crossed ankles. Still.

2.       Her delight in an old photo album. She carries around a light, random album of photos from about the time when Phil first joined the Air Force. It is her favorite thing to flip through all the pages.

3.       Jewels. She wears no less than at least 4 necklaces. Heaven forbid if mommy has one on and she does not.
4.       The Kitty. (KEEE-eee!!!) the highest pitch you can imagine. Good thing Luna is a good sport.
5.        Pasta. The girl can eat.
6.       Books. If You Give A Pig A Pancake. Not sure how I feel about the greedy pig, but she loves it.
7.       Animal sounds. Just ask her what a cow says. MMMMMMMMO. Heavy on the M-oh.  Or the lion {my personal favorite}.
8.       Mirrors. Circles. Dancing. She’s got skillz. Shout-out to Miss Dana in the clip :) 
9.       Reading in the car. She just needs a few to look through, and she always holds it the right way and thumbs from page to page, left to right, just the way it’s supposed to be done. (don’t worry, I took this picture using the backwards camera feature on my phone and the rearview mirror—I’m a safe driver, even at stop lights).
10.   Pulling the towels off the rack. Just because it’s fun. I think it’s because she likes to see what’s cooking in the oven.
11.   Ponytails.
12.   Cooking. {i.e. big messes} She likes to have a little menagerie of rice, cheerios, water, and mini utensils to “cook” while I’m cooking at the stove. It’s fun and it’s messy.
13.   Words & Copying. She is saying So. Many. Words.  Kitty {her first}. Cheerios, blueberries, love you, mommy, daddy, Ky, car, upstairs, outside, pasta, Papa, Gigi, hi, book, “A, E” {the alphabet song}, lion, cow, pig, sheep, doggie {she barks} and fish {she pops her mouth like a fish}.
 And it changes daily.
14.   Tip Toes. She’s just discovered her feet can lift her higher. She’s trying to get the gist of jumping next.
15.   The swing, and loving to be outside. WHEEE WHeee!
16.   Kisses. Open mouthed or blowing kisses.
17.   Being friendly with others i.e. I can still drop her off at the nursery and she doesn’t like it, but she’s brave and will get report cards that say: “Played, Interacted with the Other Children”.
Best thing ever. 


  1. SO cute, sis!! Love all the adorable photos! I should send you the video of her singing the alphabet to me in the car, so very adorable!:)

  2. awwww! i do need to hear that... ;) miss you!

  3. Great post! Loved all the photos!
    Plus, maybe you did this ages ago, but I love the new look of the blog, and that banner is wicked awesome!

    1. Thanks JSS!! You are the best to count on for an encouraging comment ;) the banner is the first thing I've ever done in photoshot, so thanks for the love! it'll get better from here, and the blog was long overdue for an update.

  4. So touching, she's a very lucky girl to have you both :)
    Love the new template too!

    1. thanks Lauren!! it was a sorely overdue update, lol.

  5. Great post! She is such a doll and at one of my favorite ages!! I also love the new look of your blog!! Great job using photoshop! I can't wait to dig in and really utilize it too!