Monday, March 8, 2010

The Armoire Drawer

We did a major, overhaul cleaning yesterday since we’re getting ready to leave the apartment in Tuckerton. Not really sad, only a bit, since we’re so used to moving around. We’re just on the fringe of understanding what having a “place of our own” will be like. We did clean out a lot of stuff though. I threw out old clothes, paraphernalia, and lots of sentimental items that didn’t turn out to be so sentimental. The ones that got saved though were a card for my wedding from my Grandma and Grandpa Peake, newspaper clippings on the Olympics from my Grandma Gaunt, letters from Phil in bootcamp, pictures Haylynn drew for me when she was little, and invitations to every niece’s birthday party. I love to look through things that have had time to be “dated.” It’s really neat to see the stack of cards from your wedding, and while you may not be able to keep them all, it’s a reassuring pile of love and affirmation.
One of my favorite things I went through yesterday was the bottom drawer of my armoire. This little space has been saving the important baby-related items I have had and hoarded for quite a while. There’s a pair of star-covered shoes that I bought for $3.97 from Gap when I was about 13. There’s a few bird-related onesies that I HAD to have when Old Navy had a sale. There’s an Ed Hardy onesie that is Phil’s favorite. My mom and family have been giving me “incentive” gifts for the future grandbaby/niece/nephew for years! Looking through that drawer as we were organizing our place to pack up was really exciting. That little onesie will have a tiny pair of biscuits in it in a few months! It’s amazing how things all really do have a time and a season.

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