Friday, March 5, 2010

Baby Wellies

And this is what she'll be wearing :)
You must have known that I would find a way to incorporate wellies into something to make this baby more British!
However, if you disagree with me on boy vs. girl, vote for what you think at the bottom of the page!!


  1. as your co-British obsessor, I'm loving the wellies and I think they're a must for every baby, child, teen, adult...basically throughout your whole life you should own a pair:-)!!! and note, I'm in the girl fan club...avielou is primarily girl stuff and i already have some adorable ideas...of course, if it is a boy, we can make some adjustments:-)

  2. Every mud puddle's dream! They are so adorable! I must say that if my little niecephew is a lad, then we must get him navy and yellow wellies.....we just must! I love you, you wonderful sister!

  3. Hey Your blog. is awesome and i think more people are reading it than mine already haha. love you!
    i voted for a boy hahahahaha