Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I’ve always had success in writing things down to help me dissect my feelings and emotional currents. Right now, as can be expected, I’m feeling overwhelmed.


We waited for a good, long time to do this, so the “timing would be right” and so we could accomplish all sorts of wonderful, fun things on our own. So, now the timing is right and I will be the first to affirm that. For sure :)

However, I can’t help but admit that I feel way in over my head. It’s cool that we’ve become part of a slew of pregnancies that have overtaken nearly everyone we know, but at the same time, I feel very unprepared and kind of out of it. I don’t know anything! I can’t even remember having a tiny Haylynn around when I was 13! (where was I that I can’t remember that?)
ps. thanks for the random text answers, though, Meg. You always come through:)

You know me. I’m the sort that has to map out the directions, plan where to park, figure out what I’m wearing, etc, just for a first doctor’s appointment. Therefore, naturally, this is going to be a big to-do.

So, what have I done to address my unpreparedness? Instead of making myself feel further deficient in this department, what are YOUR best pieces of advice, books you think I need to read, birthing stories, anything that you think I should know?

You have my sincere appreciation in advance! <3


  1. So I'm only what, like 3 days ahead of you in this journey, but here's what I got: My mom mailed me a stack of letters she wrote me when I was a baby, just telling me what I was doing, what she thought and felt, etc. I cried and cried reading these two weeks ago, and I immediately started writing to our soon-to-be baby. SO, I'd say to start writing to him/her (especially since it's YOU the writer) and tell him/her what you're doing, feeling, thinking, etc. How fun for them to read that down the road... (P.S. Going to write you an email now :)

  2. Well, I'm sure you already have "What to Expect When Expecting" but there's also one called "The First Years" by the same authors I believe. I completely understand how and what you're feeling. There were times in the pregnancy I thought, what am I doing, I feel like a kid myself, and I'm about to have a baby!! All I can say is relax, what comes next comes naturally. Did you ever hear the term mother's instinct? Well, it really does exist and you'll amaze even yourself with knowing how your baby is feeling even when no one else does or knowing what to do in a circumstance and still keeping your calm. The biggest thing in being a parent I believe is flexibility. Some days you plan WILL be changed by the unexpected. Sometimes it helps me to remember how young my parents were when they had us and we grew up just fine. You are already so amazing with children, it's natural for you! You will be a great mommy and your baby will be completely attached to from the moment you see each other.

  3. You know what book I loved was The Belly Book, remember mine? Every week I journaled in it and looking back it reminds me how clueless I really was lol. No but really it was fun taking pictures every week and writing down the changes we were going thru. I'm sure Nola will love it too once she gets old enough.
    Here is a list of some of my favorite Baby Reads:
    Mayo Clinic Guide to a healthy Pregnancy
    The Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy (a tell it like it is author but funny)
    Baby Milestones by Dr Carl Cooper (helps you have an idea of what’s considered healthy development)
    The sleep easy solution (this book should win a Pulitzer! I read this book religiously and got 4 month old Nola to sleep thru the night by day 3!! Genius! )
    Just remember that not having all the answers it part of the magic in becoming a new Mom. A big part of that is you can never really know what your baby will be like until you meet him/her so just relax. Educate yourself for the next 7 months then by the time September roles around you’ll be literally aching to give this parenting thing a whirl :)