Friday, March 26, 2010

rants and raves

I waited and waited all week to see if I would get into an “upbeat and positive mood, one conducive to writing a fun and perky post” but, alas, that is not the case! I’m going to indulge a moment, and give a list of rants and—to be fair—a list of raves to force a balanced outlook. Bear with me! (my mom blames my hormones every time I talk to her, I seriously doubt the validity of that statement;)


1. I hate the smell of rice!
Ugggg. Not a usual thing for me, at all, especially since we ate some of the most delectable rice ever when we were in Japan, all the time! It’s the only thing yet this pregnancy that has changed or developed as a “quirk”. Someone’s eating some. Right. Now.

2. We can’t seem to find a good church! Frustrating! We’ve been here over a year and have been to—count them—FIVE churches. None of which do we like or feel called to. Anyway, I have one more hope on the horizon, another church in the same area the “hopefully” new house is.

3. I cut off all my hair!
I asked for it, I did it, I sat there and said:
oh no, it’ll be fine
when she asked if I had ever experimented with a wig in case this went south. A WIG! Whose hairdresser says that?!
Anyway, if you squint your eyes, this could [not] be me and it’s about the same hair.

4. My lovey, tiny, little kitty cries all night since we moved into the temp apartment. He gets nervous about new places (who could blame him when we’ve been guilty of dragging him around the world?!) but still we need some sleep around here!


1. We went to an amazing restaurant in NYC this week. It was quite a trip getting up there and back in the same night, but the food was Ah. Maz. Zing. Try it out, if you’re in the area.

2. Target
I am so going there over lunch. It’s been awhile and the siren song is calling to me. I think it’s just what a rainy Friday when everyone but me gets off early needs. Oops, this is a rave, not a vent. Sorry.

3. My Parentals
I love my parents, seriously a lot. My mom has great advice and plus she just so darn cute that it’s a pleasure to be “getting more like my mom” as I get older. My dad is also the cutest thing, and it’s good to talk to him when he’s online at work sometimes. Technology + Parents=so sweet. My father-in-law is also a rave. I love how he likes to talk to me and actually listens to what I have to say. I have great in-laws, one of which can bake like there’s no tomorrow.

4. My clothes still fit. I can’t say how happy I am for each week that goes by (we’re 15 weeks today) that all of my clothes still fit and look fine. I am SO grateful.

There we have it: a breakdown of some strange, yet emotional things for me right now, I guess. I’m trying not to make emotional a part of my vocabulary, but I guess it’s there for now.


  1. great post! agree with it all, even the rice bit, since i had some sushi today that didn't agree...

  2. If you love Spice Market you have to go to One Little West 12th Street practically across the street. Add it to our todo list for your next NY trip! I need to see pics of this haircut on you!!!