Friday, March 5, 2010

Hot Carbs

So I told Elliot the other day that this blog wasn’t going to turn into a baby-gushing blog because that’s just annoying. Ha ha, however, he told me that he needed somewhere to get updates on the “little guy”. Apparently, the men of the family are rooting for another, but I can’t blame them. I honestly don’t care either way, but if pressed, I would have to say that it’s a girl. ONLY because I have a desire to eat HOT CARBS all the time. Oh mac and cheese, noodles of any kind, potatoes, BAGELS. I’m trying to be reasonable, like opting for a multigrain bagel from the superior bagel shop only a floor below my desk, but at the same time, carbs have always been my favorite. Meat, not so much, unless it’s Kobe beef from Yoshino’s or my mother-in-law’s roast beef, my mom's grilled chicken or my husband’s grilled salmon, or my chicken salad…well. Safe to say, I still like it. But what I would do for a New York bagel! Oh well, I guess I’ll have to wait until we go up there tomorrow. NEARLY instant gratification. Yes, I’m a brat.

Updates on the pregnancy: we are officially 12 weeks (3 months!) today. First trimester over. Now I start to get chubby (ier). :) Ultrasound in the next 2 weeks, our first! Really looking forward to seeing the little “guy-irl”.

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  1. How do I love thee??? Let me count the ways! 1 one thousand....2 one thousand....